"Les Nécessaires", Hermès
"Zermatt", Puiforcat
"Metropolis / Vibration", Saint Louis
"ne me touche pas" exhibition
"La Beauté" exhibition
John Lennon, cité de la musique
salon de Montrouge
les Éditions de l'Imprimeur
"quel meilleur endroit ?" exhibition

new products for home furnishing press kit 2013 for Hermès

Les Nécessaires d'Hermès, press kit

+ / –

Art direction for communication items for the launch of home furnishing, fabric and wallpaper new collections, 'Les nécessaires d'Hermès', displayed at Milan Salone del Mobile in April 2013:
design of the printed, cut-out, folded, symbol, press kit (26 pages, 22x27,5 cm), invitations, product sheets, exhibition signage.

creation: 2013


Zermatt press kit for Puiforcat

Zermatt press kit for Puiforcat

+ / –

Design of the Zermatt range press kit for Puiforcat, forged steel table cutlery collection.
Mineral, fluid: embossed cover anthracite card, with silver hot stamping, inside pages composition with two-tone bilingual texts and photographs.

16 pages, 18x18 cm.
creation: 2010


Metropolis / Vibration press kit for Saint Louis

Metropolis / Vibration press kit for Saint Louis

+ / –

Design of a press kit for two parrallel collections for Cristalleries Saint Louis:
a new collection of cristal glasses, a new collection of cristal lamps.
The two brochures face each other inside a silkscreened folder.

18x18 cm, 2 x 12 pages.
conception : 2009

Saint-Louis Press Kit

publications 'ne me touche pas'

"ne me touche pas" exhibition at the Villa Vauban, Luxembourg City

+ / –

Contemporary Art exhibition at the Villa Vauban, from March 27 to May 23, 2004.
Visual identity, poster, invitations.
Design of the catalogue of the exhibition (18x24 cm, 64 pages).

creation: 2004

poster and invitation 'ne me touche pas'catalogue 'ne me touche pas'

La Beauté exhibition in Avignon

"La Beauté" exhibition in Avignon

+ / –

"La Beauté", contemporary art exhibition curated by Jean de Loisy in Avignon from May 27 to October 1 2000.
Visual identity, catalogue (22x28 cm, 408 pages), brochures, press kit…

Project designed with Philippe David, iconic visual produced with Thomas Duval.

creation: 1999

La BeautéLa BeautéLa Beauté

John Lennon exhibition at the cité de la musique, catalogue RMN publishers, Réunion des Musées Nationaux

Catalogue for the John Lennon exhibition at the Cité de la musique, Paris

+ / –

Design of the exhibition catalogue "John Lennon, Unfinished Music", held at the Cité de la musique in Paris from October 20 2005 to June 25 2006.

240 pages, 18x24 cm. RMN Publishers.
creation: 2005

John Lennon exhibition catalogueJohn Lennon exhibition catalogue

salon de Montrouge

communication and catalogue for the 'Salon de Montrouge'

+ / –

Design of communication items for the 'Salon de Montrouge' dedicated to emerging young contemporary artists.

Posters, invitations, press advertising,
Catalogue, artist sheets…

creation: 2009-2015

57e Salon de Montrouge58e Salon de Montrouge Salon de Montrouge catalogue

Art direction of Les Éditions de l'Imprimeur

art direction of 'Les Éditions de l'Imprimeur'

+ / –

Architecture, urban planning, landscape books / 1998-2003.
Art direction and book design with Philippe David :
Identity, graphic guidelines, design of the internet website.

creation: 1998-2003

éditions de l'imprimeur – Ermenonvilleéditions de l'imprimeur – Temps Denses 199800éditions de l'imprimeur – website

 Quel meilleur endroit ? exhibition at the maison de Balzac, catalogue by Paris Musées

"quel meilleur endroit ?" exhibition, Paris musées / maison de Balzac

+ / –

Contemporary art exhibition in the 'Maison de Balzac' from December 11 2002 to March 16 2003.
Visual identity, posters, invitations.
Design of the catalogue of the exhibiiton, like a newspaper (28x40 cm, 16 pages).

creation: 2002

Quel meilleur endroit ? postersQuel meilleur endroit ? invitationQuel meilleur endroit ? catalogue